Eligibility for Forum Subscription

  1. The subscriber is recognized as the State nurse workforce center
  2. There shall be no more than one subscriber per state
  3. Subscribers are statewide entities that meet the following criteria:
    • Ability to contribute to the goals of the forum
    • Focused on nursing workforce issues across the continuum of care
    • Presence of nurse leadership
    • Presence of collaboration of a diverse group of stakeholders in nursing care, such as nursing education and the healthcare industry
    • Have an internet address
  4. State nurse workforce centers that do not meet all subscriber criteria may submit an application to the Steering Committee for review on a case-by-case basis. The Steering Committee may grant temporary subscriber status to applicant centers until all criteria are met
  5. There will be no Associate Subscription status in the Forum.

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Complete the Subscriber Application Form below providing information on how your coalition meets the eligibility criteria.

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