2018 Forum Presentations

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Future of Nursing: Possibilities for Policy, Practice & Populations (Salon CD)
Session 1: Using Nursing Diagnoses to Communicate the Value of Nursing (Salon CD)
Session 2: Partnering: The “P” That Can’t be Forgotten (Salon AB)
Session 3: Nursing Workforce Diversity: Perspectives from Colorado and Texas (Salon EF)
Session 1: NEPIN: Next Steps for Nursing Academic Progression (Salon CD)
Session 2: Interprofessional Education Wins for Nursing in Hawaii (Salon AB)
Session 3: Trends in Aging and Retirement of Oregon’s Nursing Workforce (Salon EF)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Boomers, X’ers and Mils, Oh My! (Salon CD)
Population Health: A Nursing Call to Action (Salon CD)
Session 1: Viewing Practice through the Lens of Population Health (Whalen 8th Floor)
Session 2: A Regional Approach to Building a Specialty Pipeline (Salon AB)
Session 3: NY’s BSN in 10 Law: Implications for the Profession and the Public’s Health (Salon EF)
Session 4: National Council of State Boards of Nursing Update (Salon CD)
A Portrait of Nursing in America: 2018 and Beyond (Salon CD)
Session 1: NCLEX The Next Generation (Salon CD)
Session 2: KSTAR Remediated Nurses: Who and Where are They? (Salon AB)
Session 3: A Different Perspective: Why Non-Nurse Advocates are Crucial (Salon EF)
Session 1: Nurse Licensure Compact: Multistate Licensure for the 21st Century (Salon CD)
Session 2: Work-Family Conflict: A Comparative Analysis of Staff, Managerial and Executive Nurses (Salon AB)
Session 3: Considerations for Improving Workforce Development through Flexible and Responsive Supply Survey Data Reporting (Salon EF)

Friday, June 8, 2018

Nursing Practice in the Future: Heralding the Way to Health (Salon CD)
Session 1: Preparing Nurses to Return to the Workforce Using a Virtual Refresher Course (Salon CD)
Session 2: Come Write with Me: Creating a Writing Workshop to Develop Novice Authors and Improve Dissemination (Salon AB)
Session 3: Nurses on Boards Panel: A National and State Perspective (Salon EF)
Session 1: Using Data to Make the Case for a Nurse Faculty Shortage in Your State (Salon CD)
Session 2: Washington State’s RN Workforce: A Tale of Two Surveys (Salon AB)
Session 3: Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice: Removing Barriers, Revealing Trends (Salon EF)